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This group was made... for ALL Goof Troop, A Goofy Movie, and An Extremely Goofy Movie (and beyond!) artists and writers, regardless of skill and content as long as it's delivered in a tasteful manner!

Canon or Non-Canon, AU storylines, OCs, Crossovers, rated G to rated R if you have to. Yaoi, yuri, and het acceptable? Sure!

Do not assume that this is an adult FurAffinity-related group. There are plenty of submissions in the Group Gallery that are suitable for "general audiences".
But do keep in mind that there will be others that are meant for "mature audiences". This is meant to preserve a freedom of artistic and writer expression. There are very few things that will not be accepted.

And don't feel obligated to draw or write MaxBradley, either! You don't even have to be a fan of it to function here! :)
We're a respectable community. As long as your work relates to the "Goof Troop Universe", anything goes!

Help us support the only group on DA with a focus on this particular Disney universe and all of its characters.

And please take the pleasure of visiting :iconmercermz:'s group


Have fun and Enjoy your stay! :D

Founded 5 Years ago
Jun 17, 2011


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Fan Club

224 Members
331 Watchers
82,129 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders and Submission Guidelines!

I have gone out my way and sought out some fun pieces for the GoofTroop-MaxBradley group

I'm glad for all those that have contributed thus far! Really appreciate it :D

Go ahead and check out our Gallery's "Favorites" section too~~
I mean it. There's just AMAZING work in there and I regret to say that the artists who created them are long gone... Or not in agreement with said guidelines. At least they're honest. :shrug:

Here I will list the Gallery Folders available for both members and NON-members to submit their work to, plus a general description of each. Please note that submissions to Featured will NOT be allowed:

MaxBradley- This is my virtual storybook playground. I never intended this pairing to be another yaoi fangirl's fantasy-- This stuff is SERIOUS. (As a matter of fact I've caught several people off-guard when it comes to my personal beliefs on said controversial story.) On a lighter note, anyone that finds themselves to be a fan of this particular pairing is more than welcome to submit their art here. (If you have a MaxBradley fanfiction in the works, go ahead and submit it here too :nod:)

Other NON-Canon Pairings- MaxBobby? YEP. Max and PJ?? SURE. Max and Pistol? Of course! ANYTHING that our little deranged minds can come up with. (They DO have to be part of the Official Goof Troop Universe; any fluffy and cute OC work will reside in a folder I will mention below =]) I in particular am a huge fan of Bradley Uppercrust III x Beret Girl~

Canon Pairings- Featuring the classic MaxRoxanne/Maxanne/whatever-you-call-it pairing! Don't forget Bobby/Stacey, Peg/Pete, Goofy/Sylvia, PJ/Beret Girl-- Even Max Goof and his father IN A STRICT Father-Son relationship! If your work featuring these two tends to go over the top (and believe me I've seen it), please submit to the cracked folder above!

Goof Troop Universe- If there is no insinuation of a pairing at hand, then any fanart of the 1992 Goof Troop series, its Disney Adventures comics, A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie is welcome here! :D

Alternate Universe and Crossovers- A safe haven for any fanart of House of Mouse, Kingdom Hearts, and Epic Mickey! You can also mix the Goof Troop characters up with NON-Disney characters and movies/books/ideas, so on and so forth! Think of that one group which we are affiliated with: Disney FUSION

OCs Integrated to the GT Universe- Most groups discourage the introduction of a new character to become the love interest of the protagonist, antagonist, whatever. I believe that every type of fan should be given a fair shot. So, any new character visual profiles? Some serious or self-indulging fanart featuring your snazzy fursonas? Submit it right here! =]

George G. Geef_OLD SCHOOL- If you HATE the teenagers that popped up around the year of '95, or just don't have much of an interest in the "new" (considering how old the sequel is now!)-- then this is the folder for you! CLASSIC Disney shorts and characters (Goofy aka "Dippy Dawg", and Pete); 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s-- anything that happened BEFORE Goof Troop is eligible for this folder :)

Cosplay- Because it's cool seeing people dress up as Goofy from Kingdom Hearts! There are some pictures of Roxanne too-- Now all we need is a Max Goof to come up with sappy-sweet 'Con fluff xDDD (Oh, wait; it's already been done! ;p)

Fanfiction, Prose, Poems and Songs- ANY type of literature is welcome here! AUs, Canon or Non-Canon, OCs-- Fluff, torture, angst, innocent fun and its polar opposite (you KNOW what I'm talking about! Slash/yaoi, yuri, het)-- That crazy stuff that only a few groups will allow. This is one of them ;) Also home to reviews that may have been floating around on the search engine; those are great to read~~

Various Comic Series and Fanfiction Art- All fanart (if specified) and concept art of the fanfictions within the above folder. A comic series should be longer than two pages; it can be an elaborate story or just a collection of funnies from the same illustrator. (If it has anything to do with MaxBradley, however, it must go into the folder made specifically for those submissions.)

.gifs, icons, customizations and screenshots- Just what it is. Find cool and funny images and drop them in here after all is said and done! :XD:

Disneyland, Disneyworld, Voice Actors- Because we're still dorky enough to pose with the theme park characters xP Also, I want this section to be dedicated to those amazing voices that brought the characters to life and which had made them so memorable!

Arts and Crafts, etc.- You love them so much that you'll whore them off to shirts, pins, shoes, doll designs and flesh. LOL awesome work~

Humanized_Gijinka- Since I figure that there are more visions than one when it comes to portraying these characters. It's great to see the human versions of them! YES, Anime counts too! xP

"Mature" Artwork- In quotes since, if one was really mature, they wouldn't waste their time looking at nude art and getting a rush from it (Michaelangelo created nude art and contemporary models shouldn't be ridiculed or gazed upon with a perverted eye.) But, from a different standpoint, these can be very entertaining (and somewhat funny) and can sometimes be very well-drawn... Just make sure you don't go breaking the rules on DA.



NON-Members are able to submit 3 deviations to the GoofTroop-MaxBradley group each day.
If the load becomes too much all at once I might reduce its flow.

Members currently have an unlimited submission rate.
Again, if I'm unable to oversee/arrange all the incoming deviations at once I might regulate the flow of submissions allowed per day.

ALL Submissions are "Subject To Vote" (as to prevent future spamming of NON-Goof Troop-related images. >___>)

Content-wise, I have little to no problem with what resides within your mind. I find myself to be a fan of Johnny The Homocidal Maniac and The Smurfs. That's my general range.
The submissions to this group can be as kid-friendly or as disturbing as YOU want.

As in: suicide, dismemberment, adultery, violence/gore, mafia/gangs, psycho-thrillers, etc etc etc. The stuff you find in movies that you most likely enjoy anyway (although some may not be used to seeing this applied to a rated G film!)

I'd prefer that these be kept in good taste, as to not convert this group into another FurAffinity :fear:
DA Guidelines are STILL in effect, so take note of that if you will.

I think we can get some pretty awesome, interesting ideas across with these characters if we muse on it for a moment... B-)
(To get a clearer idea on what I just explained, go ahead and browse my MaxBradley folder for a minute x])

:thumbsup: :iconimveryhappyplz: If I could get a number of these things uploaded without a problem, then it seems likely that you guys won't either!


Any Questions, Comments, Complaints?

Tell me right here, right now, and I'll respond to you as soon as possible.

Take care, have fun, and enjoy your stay! x]


:iconizzy-chan13: IZZY-CHAN13

Gallery Folders

Fanfiction, Prose, Poems and Songs
.. if you haven't already:

A Goofy Movie IN REAL LIFE by Stuart Edge…

Is Goofy Secretly Badass? by Channel Awesome (Nostalgia Critic)…


Lemme add one more video here 'cause I like behind-the-scenes stuff:

The Making of A Goofy Movie - Disney Channel 1995 (uploaded by One Two)…
More Journal Entries

Random from Featured

Unfortunately I've found work done by great artists and other clever people... most of which are no longer active on DeviantArt (or are too busy with life). This folder is a home to their work. =]










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